Real, raw, and radical stories from homeschool moms just like you and me, sharing their journeys before, into, through, and beyond motherhood.

Homeschooling can feel lonely, overwhelming, confusing, and scary, but it doesn't have to be when we do it together.


Hear from homeschool moms who are just like you and me who share the good, the bad, and the ugly parts of motherhood. You'll hear from other moms about the sleepless nights, magical moments, and self doubt. We'll talk about the questions you're not supposed to ask out loud: Why am I so lonely? Am I a bad mom? How is everyone else making it look easy? You'll hear from mamas who are grieving and mamas who are discovering community for the first time. You'll hear from all different kinds of moms. You'll hear about the fights, the messes, and the "I love you, mom"s that come after the fights. We'll talk about how to create a better world for our kids and ourselves. And we'll talk about breaking free from the negative mindsets that are keeping you stuck.

You'll join a community of brave, vulnerable moms who are learning about this homeschooling thing together. You'll hear from other moms going through and asking the same, seemingly crazy questions. You'll see how they're solving problems and creating new ones along the way.

Hosted by Julie Ross: homeschool veteran, author, speaker, and certified life coach.

Hey, I'm Julie! Everything I do is to empower mothers and create a better future for us and our children, and The Feast Life is no different. I can't wait to share these stories with you and help you find your way on your own homeschooling journey!

Julie Ross

CEO, A Gentle Feast

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